A Weekend in San Marcos, CA

A couple weekends ago, I made a quick trip back to California for a friend’s wedding. I feel like future Tess may have to start being a little selective about the events that I fly home for since most of the people I grew up with still live in Orange County and I don’t foresee many of them going far from home when it comes to wedding locations, etc., but this was one wedding that I had no intention of missing.

It was a friend that had been in my kindergarten class, and we somehow managed to stay friends through elementary school, junior high and high school. It helped that our families were also very close: for as long as I can remember I’ve been making gingerbread houses with his grandparents every year before Christmas, and we grew up going on family vacations and spending various holidays together.

We didn’t go to the same colleges, and had seen much less of each other since graduating high school. So I was thrilled to get a Save the Date for his wedding after I heard that he proposed to his beautiful college sweetheart.

I flew into San Diego bright and early on the Friday before the wedding, and got to spend the day with my lovely Mom exploring Seaport Village and La Jolla before heading up to San Marcos in the afternoon. Nearly all of the people I knew attending this wedding were parents of the kids I grew up going to school with. Like my mom, they had stayed very close to the groom’s parents over the years. It was great to see so many people who had known me when I was younger and actually have the chance to hang with them as one of the adults for the first time.

My boyfriend flew in very late Friday night, so he my Mom and I spent Saturday morning walking around the little lake near our hotel and taking it easy. That afternoon, we drove about 10 minutes away to the wedding venue. It was a beautiful location: all outdoor, with an area for the ceremony under the trees and a separate space under a huge tent for the reception.

The whole evening was wonderful. Even a few weeks later I haven’t stopped thinking about the amount of love and joy that was palpable in everything that night. I also think that since this was one of the people that I’ve known the longest in life outside family, it put everything in perspective for me in a way that I wasn’t expecting. I feel so lucky to have been included in such a special day, and to see this boy I’ve known since we were 5 transformed into the husband of his new bride’s dreams was something that I don’t think I will ever forget.

On Sunday we left San Marcos and headed up the coast to Laguna Beach to hang with my Dad for the day. We stopped in San Clemente to grab breakfast and caffeine at Bear Coast Coffee, a place my boyfriend had always wanted to try, but never made it to when we lived in LA. (Review: the latte was excellent and we got one of  their mini apple pie/ scone situations fresh out of the oven and it was ahhhhmazing!)

Laguna was absolutely beautiful. The fog burned off right after we got there, so we spent the afternoon wandering through the shops and along the beach before having dinner al fresco at my Dad’ girlfriend’s house. The long weekend went by too fast (as they always do), but overall it was wonderful to see old friends and spend a little much needed time with my family.

The Bride & Groom!

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