Here are a few random nuggets if information that I’ve learned in the last week or so that I thought I’d share. Lots of randomness, but that’s my life these days.

There’s a whole circuit of unemployed youths who volunteer at all the film festivals that take place in the city of Los Angeles. I don’t know why it never occurred to me to spend my recent multitudes of free time in this productive manner, but my eyes have recently been opened. A whole new world…
Come find me at LA Femme Film Festival this weekend.

I have hidden talents when it comes to following instructions and communicating with tech/ customer support people. Last Friday, I managed to talk to 5 different Time Warner Cable personnel and finally set us up for an internet and cable package. Said package turned out to be a huge pain in my butt, because unbeknownst to me, I was signed up for “such a great deal”*** that included not only internet and cable, but phone as well. After a lot of back and forth both over the phone and in person, a few tears of frustration, and a few years off my life, I managed to get the cable box working, as well as our internet modem. The only thing left was the router. Let me just say right here: DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE PURCHASE AN E2500 LINKSYS ROUTER. The software (or was it the firmware?) isn’t compatible with computer technology from this century, so you’ll end up having to live chat with tech support for an hour and—using two computers—you’ll eventually end up reconfiguring the router through a secret backdoor portal that only the guy from the Twilight Zone should know about. Moral of the story: we now have cable and wifi!!! And I will never again take for granted an internet connection.
***After the fourth person told me what a great deal I was getting, I stopped believing them and started believing that all Time Warner Cable people are brainwashed to repeat the phrase “such a good deal”, while also giving different information than the last (generally incompetent) customer service rep.

Paper companies are my people. Upon not making any progress with various coffee shops I applied to, I started trying to think of other places in the area at which I might actually enjoy working in my spare time. It turns out I have an obsession with pretty papers and calligraphy for a reason. I was randomly looking at my newly discovered—and now favorite—paper company’s website, I found their “Meet Our Team” page. Not only were their pictures all adorable, but their bios just about killed me. Let’s just say I could have crafted my own bio from bits and pieces of the six girls’ profiles on that page: Right off the bat, ice cream was mentioned. One of them doesn’t like ginger (major bleh). One of them is a “DOG LOVER EXTRAORDINAIRE”. Ice cream was mentioned again, this time in conjunction with the words “balsamic strawberry and salted caramel”. Ribbons. Hikes in LA. Bookworm. If I had a list of buzzwords that made me happy, this page was the pinnacle of Tess’ Happy Place. Logically, I’m way too similar to all of them to actually get a job there, but that sure as heck isn’t going to stop me from trying.

Honestly, these first few weeks living in the big city have been a little rough. But I keep telling myself that good things are right around the corner. Light at the end of the tunnel. Rainbow at the end of a storm? You get the picture. Chin up buttercup.


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