A New Kind of Different

My friends and I spend way more time than I’d like to admit dreaming about the future. We constantly fanaticize about our lives in terms of careers, boys, families, etc. It always seems like there are more exciting things right around the corner. The real challenge is appreciating where we are now, and looking back on truly how amazing the last few years have been: going to college, moving away from home, travelling, falling in love, graduating. I’ve come to realize that no life stage is better than any of the others. They all bring different amounts of excitement and hardships, uncertainty and surprises.

Last week, my best friend and I packed our bags and moved out of my Mom’s house in Orange County. After collectively sending about 60 emails, we finally stumbled upon a steal of a one-bedroom apartment. Once we found it, all the details seemed to fall into place: the location, the timing, everything. And all of a sudden, we were moving out.

I’m sad to be leaving my mom’s house. Not the same kind of sad I was when I moved away to college, because I knew I would still have place to come home to. But now, that home is no longer my permanent address. This new part of my life has a Los Angeles zip code, and that’s both extremely terrifying and terribly exciting to me.

I am 22-year-old college graduate looking for work in Los Angeles. I live with my best friend, and my boyfriend lives across town. I don’t know what I want to do with my life yet, but I’m working on it.

In reality, what’s more exciting than that?


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