Daydreaming My Life Away

Do you ever have those days where you rethink everything about yourself? Maybe it’s because so much of my life is unsettled right now, but I find myself thinking those things that only theatrically overdramatic characters in movies would ever actually say out loud. “Who am I, what am i doing with my life, what do I want to be when i grow up” etc. That last one is probably the most pressing these days, considering that now’s the time to get it together and seriously pick a career path. Never in my life have cliches been more relevant; see every Taylor Swift song, ever.

So, as I put off being responsible yet again, here are a few of the directions I could see my life going today:

Wilderness guide. I love the outdoors way to much to resign myself to a life of cubicle-sitting. I think I’ll move to Yosemite and become a park ranger/ wildflower expert. I’ll be put in charge of a long forgotten trail in the middle of nowhere, and my only friends will Smoky the Bear and the occasional lost hiker. Foolproof plan.

Stay at home mom. I can do this! So many people get married and settle down at my age. Granted, in my opinion they’re mostly oblivious and don’t have a clue…but I could totally wear cute aprons and learn to how to cook (is my recent obsession with Young and Hungry going to my head?). I’d make a kick ass mom, and even though I probably wouldn’t have food on the table every night when the husband came home, I would definitely look the part of a modernized fifties housewife. Heels and high wasted skirts? Done.

Move to Paris. I speak enough French to get by selling flowers on the side of the street until I meet an elderly writer that wants to sponsor me as I traipse around Europe collecting stories for him to compile (as he is now blind and therefore cannot adventure for himself). I see how this lifestyle might be frowned upon in some circles, but since I’d be in France it would be classy, right?

Move to Portland. In this case I would be the writer, living out of some happily married couple’s guesthouse. I’d spend my time drinking coffee and skulking around hipster places in flannel while enjoying the year round rainfall and constant greenery. Must start wearing horn-rimmed glasses…curse my 20/20 vision.

So the moral of this story is (as I waste yet another afternoon on daydreams instead of real-world job applications), that as of tomorrow, you’ll be able to find me in pumps and flannel, sipping coffee and conversing en français about wild flowers while sitting on the steps of Montmartre. Sounds très bon, does it not?


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