For the Record

I realize that my commitment to regularly updating a blog is turning out a lot like when I tried to keep a diary throughout my entire childhood, each post starting out along the lines of  “Dear Diary, sorry it’s been so long...” And I’ve come to the conclusion that this is due to the fact (or fear) that my life is generally uninteresting, and would be considered so by the majority of the blog-reading population. (Unless of course I am jet setting to some far off and highly fabulous place, as was the case last summer. But that was an aberration from the course of my typically monotonous life.)

However, yet another conclusion I’ve come to as of late is that since I’m not writing for anyone in particular, who honestly cares if what I have to say is interesting? I happen to find my soon-to-be-graduated, golden-retriever-and-beach-obsessed-but-living-in-the-middle-of-texas, and trying-to-fit-a-boyfriend-into-my-existing-love-affair-with-my-roommate life quite enjoyable, even hilarious at times. So I’m not going to apologize, Dear Blogosphere, because I will continue to post whenever I so choose!

See you in another 8 months.


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