Lesson of the Day

We had the most interesting guest lecturer in class today. Our professor met her yesterday outside a theater where the whole group of us had gone to see Byzantium (highly disappointing, I’m sad to say). She is a film student at Brunel University here in London, but she’s originally from a small town in Australia.

When she began speaking to us about opportunities to study film in the UK (color me fascinated), I was immediately struck by the sheer eloquence with with she spoke. Her everyday vernacular was absolutely beautiful, and her vocabulary enviable.

Then she talked to us about her personal areas of study (she introduced us to the concept of ‘Video Nasties’–fascinating), and I was even more in awe of her vast knowledge on this particular subject. It wasn’t until after the class ended that I realized the key to her general air of intelligence and, to me, somewhat genius discourse of her topic: her genuine passion for her work.

After her lecture, she told us that it took her several years after moving to London before she got in to her current field of study. This is when my tense feeling of dismay due to my apparent lack of education up to this point in my life finally began to ease a little. It dawned on me that I too am perfectly capable of speaking so eloquently on a subject, so far as I continue to search for my passion and pledge to think critically and always seek to expand my knowledge base. What I mean is that I hope I will never be content to stop learning; I want to always be curious to learn more about the things that interest me, and not just through the texts that are put in front of me.

I know this post is random, but I feel like it’s so easy to freak out about your current place in life by focusing on discontentments, instead of all the things we have to be joyful about. I have always held the virtue of patience close to my heart, and it’s become even more than a quality I strive for in recent years. In so many things I feel as if I am waiting. Whether it’s waiting to either be done with or go back to school, waiting to travel here or there, waiting for love, or so many other things I always seem to be searching for. Patience has become the concept that encompasses my faith in the fact that things will work out. I just have to have patience and clear goals in mind, and I will inevitably end up where I belong.

This may be a naive outlook, and I have to be careful not let this way of thinking keep me from making things happen for myself. It’s nice to have unconditional faith in a few small things to get you through the times when you have no clue at all what you’re doing. Which, for me, is a majority of the time.

Now off to tour Buckingham Palace, and later, see a play! It’s all going by so quickly but I am enjoying every minute.


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