The Night Before

I’ve thought about starting a blog for a while now, but have always put it off for another time–never really having a good excuse to just sit down and do it.

I’d say the prospect of spending 4 weeks in London and a subsequent 10 days in Ireland is about as good an excuse as I will ever find.

So here I am: newly 21, a senior in college, and about to go abroad for the first extended amount of time sans parental supervision. I’m going through TCU’s Film Television and Digital Media (FTDM) study abroad program to London, which includes a 3 day trip to Paris. And, since I’m not the only one in my family dying to travel, my Dad is utilizing the fact that I will already be in Europe as an excuse to fly over and meet me in Dublin for a father-daughter driving trip once my time in London is over.

None of this has really sunk in yet.

As I stress about packing (take the gun, leave the cannoli?), I have to keep reminding myself that no matter how prepared I think I am, life has a marvelous way of keeping me on my toes. As long as I’ve got the passport and wallet, and make it to the airport on time, I will survive. Oh, and those two massive reading packets might come in handy.

I keep forgetting that I’m technically traveling to earn course credits. When you dangle the prospect of going to Europe during my summer vacation in front of me, it’s a little hard to focus on the classroom part instead of the I’LL BE IN FREAKING LONDON part.

Here goes the adventure of a lifetime. Let the memories begin…


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